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We may call them magic mushrooms, but that “magic” is actually science. And it’s arrived in Toronto (finally).

The shroom industry has been plugged by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Mike Tyson for its radical relief of anxiety and depression. Others have linked it to enhanced sexual performance and body love, like A$AP Rocky’s rainbow hallucination in the Netflix series Have a Good Trip

Whether you’re looking for healing or a high, you can now buy your shrooms and eat them too, Toronto. 

Are shrooms legal in Toronto?

Just like dating in your thirties, it’s complicated. 

Magic mushrooms are still not legalized for casual consumption, but Health Canada has recently legalized their use for exempted persons and special cases. These exceptions range from terminal illness to anxiety and depression. 

Following in the footsteps of cannabis, magic mushrooms are slowly being decriminalized or at least deprioritized in several cities across Canada and the United States. Online sellers operate from decriminalized zones and advise that consumers keep up to date with their provincial laws. 

So, where can I buy shrooms in Toronto?

It seems like a cannabis dispensary opened on every street corner in Toronto following legalization in 2018. Many of those shops also sell various hallucinogenic drugs, too. But how can that be if shrooms are still federally illegal? 

Similar to cannabis’ journey, owners of dispensaries are anticipating changes to the legality of magic mushrooms and many have decided to go ahead and sell them in advance.

This grey zone makes it awkward buying shrooms in Toronto in person. Thankfully, online retailers like Schedule35 make purchasing your mushroom fix comfortable and discreet. 

Schedule35is the premier microdosing resource that caters to all of the US and Canada. You can order your shrooms online today and know that you’re getting: 

  • 100% organic, locally sourced products
  • Accurate dosage of psilocybin in all products
  • Quick and simple shipping to your door
  • Discreet packaging
  • Affordable pricing
  • Online microdosing guide
  • Outcome-specific and delicious options

Schedule35 is taking shrooms to the next level with microdosing capsules targeted to improve sexual experience or boost natural immunity. Check out these innovative new products:

Loverdose (100mg x 5 pieces)

The recipe for good sex. These microdose capsules mix shrooms with green tea extract, horny goat weed (yes, that’s the real plant name), and maca to clear your mind, increase your energy levels, increase blood flow associated with sexual function, and boost libido. 

Superior Tonic(50mg x 5 pieces)

A powerhouse capsule combines shrooms, spirulina, ginseng, and bee pollen to boost the body’s beneficial nutrients, reduce inflammation and stimulate cognitive function. It’s a small dose filled with all the stuff that’s good for you.

Microdosing benefits 

I think I can safely say the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi exceeded our collective expectations. What I thought was a regular nature documentary left me mind-blown by the many uses and benefits of psilocybin, the active ingredient that puts the “magic” in magic mushrooms.

We hear a lot about trips and hallucinations, but psilocybin mushrooms have seemingly endless possibilities as a medicinal product, even for the micro-user. 

First, what is microdosing?

As the name suggests, microdosing with mushrooms involves taking very small doses at a time. We’re talking 50mg-100mg on average.

The goal of microdosing is to produce the wanted effect, such as mental clarity, without the interference of the hallucinogenic properties. You get all the benefits, while staying in control and avoiding any paranoia-filled bad trips. 

What are these benefits?

As Drake said, where the f— should I really even start? 

The full list of benefits is longer than your typical Costco receipt, but here’s a few highlights that anyone would be excited about:

  • Less anxiety: worry and preoccupation with the future decline after taking mushrooms, leaving people better equipped to handle stressful situations
  • Reduced feelings of depression: improved mood, self-awareness and a sense of peace help to alleviate feelings of depression in self-reports and clinical studies
  • Enhanced focus: less preoccupation with worry allows users the freedom to concentrate on more important things and crush to-do lists
  • Relief from addiction: very promising research shows participants were significantly less likely to continue smoking or consuming alcohol in excess after taking shrooms
  • Energy boost: the mental stimulation from mushroom microdosing produces a feeling of alertness and improved energy 
  • Heightened creativity: magic mushrooms have been noted to produce a higher level of communication between neurons in the brain, resulting in innovative thinking

Microdosing safety

Many of us have heard the advice “don’t eat the whole bag”. That’s true. Don’t do it. 

But how much should you take? It’ll depend on your experience with psychedelics and what you’re trying to achieve, but here’s a general guide to different dosage levels:

  • Microdose – Less than 500mg

Reap the benefits of shrooms in low doses to increase focus and creativity, without any disruptive effects like hallucinations. 

  • Half dose – 500mg to 1g

Likely to produce giddiness and a body high feeling, while maintaining control. A subtle experience for most, but may still produce visual hallucinations for users with low tolerance.

  • Full dose – 1g to 2g

A typical full-on trip. This dosage should produce a body high, along with a variety of sensory experiences and visual anomalies. 

  • Deep dose – 2g to 3g

Powerful visual and auditory hallucinations occur in this zone and can bring about unfamiliar thought patterns. While enlightening, this strength of dose can be overwhelming for inexperienced users. 

  • Heroic dose – 3g or more

This is the experienced user zone and should only be taken under supervision and with preparation. 

Make your trip the best it can be by creating a calming space in advance. Get a trusted shroom-enthusiast to be your sober guide, like Dax Shepherd leading his wife on a psychedelic neighborhood walk. So cute. 

As with all things, moderation is key and you should always consult your physician before using a drug if you have a pre-existing medical condition. 

Psychedelic retreats in T.O.

I wish there was a shroom consumption lounge in the city where we could all chill and transcend together, but for now we’ll have to settle for other psychedelics or out-of-country retreats.  

Toronto-based retreat provider Silo Wellness specializes in all-inclusive luxury psychedelic retreats in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where psilocybin is legal for recreational use. You can treat yourself to five days in luxury accommodations while participating in two psilocybin ceremonies to unite your body, mind, and spirit. 

If you’d rather stay local, Toronto is home to various psychedelic-assisted therapy centers, including:

Field Trip (Entertainment District)

A spa-like venue integrating ketamine with therapy to address treatment-resistant mental health conditions. Guests work directly with a therapist to set goals, have a safely guided trip, and follow up with a cognitive behavioral therapy session. 

Remedy (Koreatown)

A holistic research and therapy center using MDMA to treat PTSD in a clinical trial setting. Experiences can be solo, group or couples looking to enhance the psychotherapeutic process.

Canadian Rapid Treatment Centre of Excellence (Mississauga and Summerhill)

A treatment centre specializing in treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders, CRTCE uses ketamine to treat patients. Sessions have been reported to not only remove feelings of depression, but also restore the ability to feel joy. 

Retreats of all kinds are pricey so if you’re short on cash, no worries. The effects of psilocybin are the same on the beach and on your couch. 

Check out Schedule35 today to get shrooms delivered directly to you! 

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