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Washington is a cool state for us youngsters; we can enjoy incredible nature (perfect for shrooms), no state income tax, a booming job market, a cosmopolitan vibe, an exploding job market, and it’s the home of grunge music.

However, Washington has become even cooler. 

If you live in Seattle, you’ll be delighted to know the city became the largest U.S. city to decriminalize psychedelics—including magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, ibogaine, and non-peyote-derived mescaline.

The landmark measure ensures Seattle authorities can’t arrest or prosecute you for personal psychedelic possession. The Seattle City Council approved this resolution to protect psychedelic plants and fungi for “religious, spiritual, healing, or personal growth practices.”

So what does this mean for you?

Various high-profile names—including Iron Mike Tyson and podcaster Joe Rogan—have commented on the incredible mental benefits of shrooms. Let’s face it, the list of shroom benefits is bigger than a 4×4 burger at In-N-Out. 

And you can enjoy the various psychedelic benefits—including spiritual growth, introspection, greater self-awareness, and relaxation—from your home in Seattle

Whether you’ve dabbled in psychedelic experiences before, used them once or twice in your life, or never used them—you’ve got access to the best magic mushrooms at Schedule35. 

Are Shrooms Legal in Washington? 

Not entirely. It depends where you are in Washington State. Just like a relationship in your twenties and thirties: it’s complicated. 

Seattle decriminalized natural psychedelics—including magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and mescaline—in 2021 to protect psychedelic plants. Therefore, while not entirely legal, the cops and the government won’t arrest or charge you for having a specific amount in Seattle, Washington.  

With that said, shrooms are still illegal in the general Washington state. However, the state has proposed statewide decriminalization of psychedelics—which will be incredible and justified! We will know more about this in the coming months.

Magic mushroom spores, however, are legal in Washington. You can buy them online, although growing them to a mature state is illegal. 

But we have some good news for you: Oregon—Seattle’s neighboring state—will be the first state with widely legalized psychedelics from 2023. Currently, psychedelics are decriminalized statewide in Oregon. 

Why not take a weekend vacation to Portland? It’s a cool city, and you won’t have to worry about the cops arresting you for using shrooms from 2023. 

Can You Buy Shrooms in Washington?

It depends (Oh, the complexity of psychedelic laws in the U.S.)

You can’t walk into your local store and ask for a magic mushroom dosage—although that would make life more straightforward, right? Many people buy shrooms in Washington by knowing the right people (yeah, that’s not the best.)

However, the best way is to order them online. It’s more straightforward, you have more options, and you’ll guarantee you have the best shrooms. At Shedule35, we remove all the complications of buying shrooms in Washington. 

If you order online, we ship directly to your home. Zero questions, zero hassle, and maximum discreteness!

Where to Get Shrooms in Washington?

If you want to buy shrooms in Washington—buy them online. 

You need to find a reputable dispensary. Unfortunately, you won’t find the best magic mushroom dispensaries on a billboard in Downtown Seattle… yet. 

You’ll need to find dispensaries online because shrooms aren’t widely advertised due to obvious legal reasons. 

At Schedule 35, we offer shrooms for general well-being, anxiety, and depression. Our locally sourced shrooms can give you the perfect dose every time. 

Simply browse through our site, learn the perfect dose, and we will handle the rest. We’re passionate about shrooms and can answer questions regarding the dose. 

Why Choose Schedule35?

More dispensaries are cropping up nationwide as our country removes magic mushroom laws. However, we pride ourselves on being different from the pack. 

We’re a lifestyle brand. 

We’re here to teach you about shrooms and how they can enrich and transform your life. 

Everyone on our team uses magic mushrooms in some capacity to deal with common issues—such as anxiety and depression. Other people on our team had problems concentrating; it hampered their creativity and work. 

You know, in the United States, our healthcare system tries to push us toward self-medication and pharmaceutical drugs? Our team wanted something natural, healthy, and different. So we turned to shrooms, and they changed our lives. 

Magic mushrooms can open your mind, heal your wounds, and leave you feeling reborn. They explore natural pathways through your brain that help you process challenging thoughts easier.

Our journey inspired us to help people like you; that’s why we created Schedule35.  

The Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms 

So you’re looking to start micro-dosing? Congratulations on making a decision that could change your life. The benefits list of magic mushrooms is larger than Snoop Dogg’s music catalog—which is older than many people reading this!

Our twenties and thirties can be a challenging time of inner reflection, though psilocybin mushrooms can make the journey quicker and more successful. 

The benefits of mushrooms are endless; we recommend you watch/listen to the Joe Rogan podcast with Dennis Mckenna (damn, what a great podcast.) That podcast alone opened millions of ears to the benefits of magic mushrooms. 

We also loved the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi. It also perfectly showcased the incredible benefits of magic mushrooms. 

  1. Help With Depression 

Being young during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t easy. We couldn’t party, travel, and hang out with friends; what a horrible time. As a result, depression levels increased in the United States

But here’s the good news: magic mushrooms can help with symptoms of depression. 

A study of two adults—with a long-term history of depression—found that two doses of psilocybin mixed with therapy created long-lasting antidepressant effects. Antidepressant effects without taking the pharmaceutical pills? Now that sounds like an advantage to us. 

Here’s the thing: shrooms are excellent for improving your self-awareness and introspection. Subsequently, they can heal wounds that increase your levels of depression. 

It’s a win-win. 

  1. Enhanced Creativity 

Psychedelics, especially magic mushrooms, are excellent for boosting your creativity levels. The world started to realize the creative benefits of psychedelics in the 1960s. 

The Beatles—the most successful musical act ever—started dabbling in psychedelics, including shrooms and LSD. 

They created one of the most iconic albums by using psychedelics: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

(P.s listen to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and you’ll know they weren’t sober.)

Millions of people from our generation still listen to the incredible psychedelic work by The Beatles six decades later. They created a new, unrivaled genre of music with the help of shrooms. 

So if you’re a creative soul, it’s time to try psilocybin mushrooms. 

  1. End Addictions 

Addictions? We’ve all been there, whether we like it or not. 

Sure, not everyone has drug addictions, but many of us have other annoying dependencies—such as fast food. 

And let’s face it, addictions can be hard to overcome. 

However, here’s the good news: research has found that psilocybin therapy can reduce addictions, such as smoking, over 12 months. Another study found that magic mushroom usage can reduce alcohol dependency. 

All in all—the signs are incredibly positive. 

  1. More Energy and Less Anxiety 

Magic mushrooms are excellent for boosting your energy and removing your anxiety levels. A 2016 study gave 51 patients with life-threatening cancer diagnoses a high or low dose of shrooms. 

The high-dose group experienced increased life meaning, resulting in an improved quality of life and optimism. It also reduced their anxiety levels, which many of us younger people struggle with!

What Else Do Shrooms Offer:

  • Feelings of euphoria 
  • Increased energy 
  • Feelings of excitement 
  • A sense of oneness with the universe 
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater connection with fellow humans 

Is Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Safe?

Safety is always a concern for people when they try something new. We completely understand this. 

Like any substance, there are potential side effects to microdosing magic mushrooms. It’s essential to know where your shrooms come from, the type of shrooms, and what’s in them. 

We don’t recommend buying your shrooms off someone in the street in Seattle. It’s vital to know the correct dosage to enjoy the best results. 

At Schedule35, we have an accurate dosage on every package. We also advise you to take things slowly as you begin to reduce any potential side effects. 

Try shrooms if you don’t have any underlying conditions, don’t take any prescription medicines, and you’re over 21. 

But overall—magic mushrooms are very safe. 

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work?

Magic mushrooms have a primary ingredient: psilocybin

Psilocybin triggers various behavioral, emotional, and psychological responses in the brain. The main area that psilocybin affects is the cerebral cortex, a part of your brain with over 100 billion neurons. 

As psilocybin opens serotonin receptors in the cerebral cortex, your brain accesses new neural pathways. 

As a result, you enjoy more clarity, self-awareness, and greater thinking. That’s how your mushroom trip begins. 

You Can Buy Magic Mushrooms in Washington Here

Suppose you’re looking for high-quality, safe, and reliable shrooms? We’re the right place for you. At Schedule35, we can help you with any questions on magic mushrooms for microdosing. 

We offer fast, discreet delivery to your doorstep. All orders over $99 have free delivery. Better still, we ship throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

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